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  ... Marta Schilling-Kunz
... January 13th, 1973
... Married with Dalton
... Christ-Evangelic
... Brasilian - Swiss
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About me

Mini Profile
Nick name Tata / panter smarta
color white purple
number 7 13
hair long Highlights/ Streaking
height 1,57 cm  
weight no comments hehehe
car Cherokee /Jeeps Smart
country USA Brazil
city Pensacola Santos
a dream to lose weight to publish my book
gifts parfums bijouterie
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★★★★★ J E S U S - The Α & Ω
★piano playing - composing ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♯
★guitar accompaniment ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♯
★learn new computer programms
★learn new languages » like japanese » Marta = 中村 Nakamura (center of the village) 美晴 Miharu (beautiful clear sky)
★Animation, ★Multimedia, ★Photography, ★Videography, ★Web Design & ★Print


★Taekwondo (Mestre Kim)
★Kendo (Mestre Marco Antônio)
★Jazz-ballet dance
★Street Cricket (taco de rua) ddd+++
★Aqua Jogger
★Fitness (currently 2009)


★singing in a gospel choir (american)
★Translating books into foreign languages
★notarized translations


★Without my daughter
★Bill Clinton, My life
★Beauty for Ashes
★A Women After God's Own Heart (Mar. 2007)
★Entre Tempos (Pastor Roberto Schuler) - (Nov. 2007)
★Das Fest - John Grisham (Dez. 2007)
★Le Tour du monde en 80 jours(Fev.08)
★Eine wahre Lebensgeschichte - P. Rathgeb (Mar. 08)
★Nelson Mandela an extraordinary man - Rowena Akinyemi (Apr.08)
★Who moved my Chese? (Quem mexeu no meu Queijo?) (Dez. 08)
★Vencendo as provas (Pr. Otávio R. Nascimento) 2009


★Rose Nascimento
★Xavier Naidoo
★Tom Jobin
★Michael W. Smith
★Matt Redmann
★Aline Barros
★Ron Kenoly
★Mariah Carey

tv shows:

★Talk Shows
★News - CNN, NTV
★"soap-opera" (O profeta, Pé na Jaca e Paraíso Tropical - março 2007) - Caras e Bocas!!

★-The King of Queens-
★-Wohnen nach Wunsch-
★-Das Perfekte Dinner-


★Actors: Tom Cruise, Steven Seagal, Jet Li, Bruce Willis, Anthony Alvin Anderson, Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino, Aaliyah Dana Haughton †, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone // Fábio Assunção, Toni Ramos, Camila Pitanga // Tom Kranich, Semir Gerkhan // ...


★MIGROS, COOP, ALDI★ (hehehe)
★Brasilia Food
★my grandmother's/mother's/brother's/husband's cooking
★barbecue, ★picanha, ★rodízio, ★pastel, ★raclette, ★feijoada, ★brigadeiro, ★beijinho hum hum
★MOUSSAKA (Greek) hum hum

- university incomplete

- high school:

>>Apprenticeships in Structural Engineering 1990

- university:

...ACM - The Academy of Contemporary Music Zürich

- course: Commercial Apprenticeship

- diploma:

...Swiss federal certificate of competence as accountant

- year: 1999

- ocupation: Bank Assistant - Investigator

- sector: Finanças, Bancos

- company website: http://www.martaschilling.ch/

- title: Financial Services Clerk (Investigator)


school description:

★ . ★ school attendance (1) ★ . ★
★ . ★ 1988 - 1990
Grammar School with an accent on
Apprenticeships in Structural Engineering

:School subject:★Construction technology, ★maths, ★physics, ★electronics, ★product design, ★graphic design, ★mechanics, ★figure work, for example: calculating, measuring and estimating, engineering, ★science and ★ICT + lessons based in general education: ★English, ★Portuguese literature, ★history, ★geography, ★chemistry, ★physic, ★art design and ★gymnastics

>> Santos - São Paulo - Brazil



professional abilities:

★ . ★ 12 - 15 years old
worked as kids party entertainer

★ . ★ 17 - 18 years old
worked as jazz ballet teacher
by Municipal Theater in Santos - SP (Director Mr.Alois)

★ . ★ 1992 - 1994
Dental assistant apprenticeship

:School subject: theory: ★anatomy, ★biology, ★algebra, ★chemistry, ★English, ★German, ★geometry, ★dental/medical assisting, ★computer skills, ★health occupations/medical professions education, ★physical education, ★typing, and ★office procedures. // lessons based in general education: ★business client, ★Swiss government and law, ★economics and ★sport.

Practice: ★helping patients feel comfortable during examinations and procedures, ★taking and processing dental X-rays, ★sterilizing and ★disinfecting instruments, ★recording patients' medical history, ★assisting in the construction of dentures and models of the teeth and mouth, and ★providing patients with oral care instructions following certain dental procedures, ★answering the phone, ★collecting fees for services and ★maintaining a computerized inventory system. (★1994 - Prophylaxis Dental Assistant ★Human Anatomy and Fisiology, ★Dental Morfology, ★Epidemiology, ★Biochemistry, ★Oral Hygiene, ★Dental Radiology etc...)

>> Zürich - Switzerland

★ . ★ 1994 - 1998
ACM - The Academy of Contemporary Music
PIANO [:)]

:School subject: ★in chord identification practice, ★ear training, ★rhythmic reading and ★sight singing, ★improvisation, ★composition techniques, ★teaching music theory, ★different playing styles, ★song writing and ★music culture.
>> Zürich - Switzerland

★ . ★ 1998 - 1999
Commercial Apprenticeship

:School subject: ★Business accountancy, ★business law, ★business administration, ★German correspondence, ★typing, ★informatics, ★High German - all optional subjects: Languages - ★English, ★Spanish, ★Italian and ★marketing management.
>> Zürich - Switzerland

★ . ★ 2005 ...
Terminology Course

The whole course:
:School subject: ★Introduction to the Linguistics, ★Translate Strategy, ★Researching, ★Introduction to the Terminology Work, ★Translation for Computer Protection, ★Career Studies, ★Educational Trip
>> USA - online



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